Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fifty has Discoved the Missing Link: Linked-In

Well now -- as you all know, Fifty's got skills. That fact is rock-solid, my brothers and sisters. The undisputed truth, as it were. But, there's a big wide world out there, dig? And Ol' Fifty wants to stay connected. So here's what he did: He got Linked-In. Check it out -- maybe you could make the connection in the right direction. That is to say, maybe you could be one of Fifty's connections. Some already have.

MySpace is Now Your Space

Fifty invites you to join him, virtually that is, at his Space. A word of warning: If you enter, you must be prepared to "get down." If you don't, you will be politely asked to leave.

Fifty didn't know what he was getting into when he sigend up for this -- but so far, it's been "right friendly," as they say. Case in point: this space came with a built-in friend -- his name is Tom. Ol' Fifty and Tom have been getting along swimmingly. Basically, he doesn't bother Fifty and Fifty doesn't bother him. And Fifty thinks he has a nice smile.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fifty Meets Facebook -- And Facebook Will Never Be the Same

Ol' Fifty experienced a few bumps in the road, shall we say, while creatin' his Facebook account. Nothin' he couldn't handle, mind you. And handle with his customary elan, at that. But, let's not dwell on past here. Fifty is all about the here and now. And now, everything is cool, just like he likes it.

Where is 50's Flickr?

The burning question is now answered!

Flickr: Ain't Nothin' Shakin' but the Leaves on the Trees

Listen up, ya'll. You might not know it, but 50 sometimes likes to "get back to the land." You know, go "up the country," as it were. In fact, you might say, he speaks for the trees. So, here, dig these trees that he has placed on his wigged-out Flickr site.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

YouTube Review

"No Food in the Library"

I would like to critique this teleplay from a Brechtian/neo-socialist point of view. This fine piece of work neatly encapsulates the modernist existential dilemma – that is: why are we here, what is the meaning of existence. The narrative begins in a typical “every college” in which the students perform as mechanized cogs in the educational machinery. They are subjugated slaves to the state. They represent the faceless humanity as it becomes more and more alienated from the nurturing mother figure (represented by the candy bar). The state is represented by the harsh security guards who subject the pitiless students to a humiliating torture and interrogation. At this point, the film slyly tips its hat to the absurdist/surrealist movement. The boy watches as group of drunken revelers (the women and rock band) enter the library, representing the Dionysian urge that lives within all humanity, and which is cruelly crushed by the forces of the state. The poor everyman student rails against the forces of the state while jealously yearning for the freedom represented by the Dionysian excesses. Yet, his voice remains unheard, his muted cries are drowned out by the by the rebukes of the guards/state. The boy/mankind descends into a dizzying phantasmagoria as the torture increases – he begins to see visions (the sign changes each time he looks). Here, he becomes a Christ-figure rooted in the Gnostic tradition (note the crucifixion posture the boy assumes while being frisked). It is only when the guards/state dangle to candy bar/nourishment before him that he achieves his final salvation. He is able to transcend his physical pain and move to a higher plateau upon which he absorbs the state’s oppression while providing a beacon of hope for the beleaguered populous. Altogether, a rather succinct summation of Hegel’s theory of alienation triumphant.

Dig If You Will: The Fifty Mix Podcast

Look to your right and you will see -- the link for the new Fifty Mix Podcast! Dear readers, you have been faithfully readin' my words -- now, as a reward, hear the voice. That's right, get down with ol' Fifty aurally. But, before you do, set the mood -- relax, mix yourself some liquid refreshment, put your feet up then let then podcast flow. Is it all you hoped it would be -- or more?